Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Walking Wounded

“I’m not able to go,” Jeanie said. “My husband doesn’t want me to drive that far.”

Karen could not believe her ears. Is she really using that excuse?
“Not your usual part of town, eh?” Karen snapped.
“I guess I don’t venture very far from home, especially after dark,” Jeanie’s words came slowly as she considered Karen’s raised eyebrow.
“Well, if that’s the best you can come up with, I won’t try to talk you into it.” Karen stomped away.
Jeanie stared after her friend. What did I say?
In a recent blog post, Jeanie Jacobson wrote about the happy resolution to her “strappy sandaled foot- in-mouth experience.”

Her story got me thinking about when the opposite happens and what’s intended as friendly conversation ends with someone offended.

Could my fictionalized version of Karen be sensitive about where she lives? Maybe she was teased for growing up in a poor neighborhood, or maybe she imagines Jeanie’s fancy neighborhood makes her look inferior.
Life is a bumpy ride and we tend to pick up bruises along the way. If we haven’t asked God to heal them, we may be among the “walking wounded.” 

Like furniture that jumps into the path of a recently stubbed toe, the Walking Wounded can be hurt in unexpected ways.
When you get a reaction that seems out of place, you have likely bumped into a spiritually sore toe. 

How can we help our wounded friends?
  1. Pray. Ask God for insight. He knows what the issue is.
  2. Give grace for the unknown issue that God is working out in their life.
  3. Forgive them. If you were offended by their response, the ball is now in your “forgiveness court.”
  4. Say you’re sorry—even though you don’t understand why they are upset. Don't raise the issue of their inappropriate response. Just tell them, “I’m sorry what I said (did) upset you. I never want to hurt you. Please forgive me.”
  5. Thank God for uncovering the hidden wound and starting them on the road to healing. 
Your response of grace may well be the seed that brings God’s healing to their wounded heart.

What do you do when you recognize yourself as one of the Walking Wounded? 
Generously apply steps 1-5 to Yourself: 
Give Grace
Say you are sorry
Praise God

(Rinse and Repeat as necessary.)

God has a plan for your life and His plan is for a full, abundant life! (John 10:10)


(Check it out: Our forgiving friend, Karen Cameron has a recent post on this site, entitled “Let it go”).

Have you had a Walking Wounded moment yourself? Have you ever been surprised by a friend's response?

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  1. Yes, I've been wounded by words--more than once. Too much to detail here, but thank you for sharing illustration and resolution ideas. Wonderful.

    1. If we are going to have relationship with HUMANS, we will be wounded - right? Even so, I still pursue relationship with my fellow HUMANS - though maybe not always the same ones.

      I am so thankful for God's example of grace -- and wisdom!


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