Friday, October 28, 2011

Corporate Forgiveness

Issue:  My current job is ending in a few short weeks. 

Prayer:  Dear God, you know I don't Feel like Forgiving.  On my own, I would hang onto the resentment over the loss of my job.  The Bible tells me that I must forgive if I want to be forgiven.  I am diving into this process, trusting you to do the supernatural and help me forgive.
Who offended me:

What they did:
(just the facts, ma'am)
My employer.

They sold their business to a corporation.  I will have no income, no health insurance after Jan 1st. 

God, I have known this was coming for the past two years.  Now that it’s happening why does it still hurt to lose this job? 

Roadblock to Forgiveness:
        Thinking it wouldn't be painful because I knew it was coming...a knife still hurts, no matter how far off I see it coming!

How was I Affected  / 
What are my Feelings?
Disappointed.  Hurt.  Rejected.  Financially insecure.  Angry.

Why is it so hard for me to admit to being angry? It seems particularly hard in the area of my career. I always think a professional should be above being angry. Supposedly a "professional" understands these things aren't "personal". The truth is I am still a person and it does hurt.  
Roadblock to Forgiveness:         Thinking a professional does not feel hurt by a business decision.

My  Response:
I think I have managed to keep my lip zipped.  It’s been primarily my thought life.  I even thought about quitting - knowing it will be hard to help them transition and not be part of the new team. 

Father, forgive me for speaking or thinking ill of anyone, corporate or human.  It is not my desire to add to anyone else's concern about this inevitable change. Lord, help me to be the best coworker-employee-manager I can be in the last days of my job here.  I do want to end well and I do want to help my team transition successfully to their new careers in the corporate world. I trust you have a plan in place for me. 
My Heart/Desire:
I would like a Job! 

I understand my job will be eliminated because the new owners have their own management team.  Even though I understand the reasons for my job loss, it still hurts to not be part of the new team. 
Struggling with this one, Lord. 

I can start by being thankful that I have had this part-time job for 2 1/2 years -- giving me more time to write.  These 30 hr work weeks have taught me to appreciate and even expect balance in my life.  I am thankful for meeting people in this job that I hope to know for a long time to come.  I do thank you, Lord, that I know you as my provider.  You have proven yourself faithful in this area my whole life.  I thank you that I know I can trust you to provide the next job, just as you have provided every other job I've had.  I can also give thanks that I have 90 days notice of my job ending as well as seven weeks of vacation time coming so I will have an income until late February.  That is a lot of grace--a lot of time to find a job.  Thank you Lord. 
Choose To Forgive:
Lord, I do make the choice to forgive.

I haven't changed my mind about what has happened.  I have been hurt by the business decision of my employer. But Lord, I am choosing to trust the situation to you.  I am not dependent upon anyone else to be my provider.  You sign my paychecks.   I know you already have another job in mind for me.  Lord, I trust you to complete the supernatural workof forgiveness in me.  I trust that my feelings of hurt and anger will dissipate quickly now. I may have new hurts and new reasons to be offended during this transition period.  Lord, I ask for your supernatural protection over my mind and heart.  Help me to not be easily offended.  Help me to quickly turn to you for comfort.

Roadblock to Forgiveness:
Thinking I have to change my mind about what has happened.  Forgiving does not mean denying I was hurt.  Forgiving means I let go of the hurt and trust God to comfort and heal the hurt. 

Release & Pray:
I release them all to you, my current employers, each corporate employee that I have met and even the corporation itself.

Dear God, I choose to not hold them accountable.  I entrust them to you.  If there are consequences for their actions, or their inaction, it is in your hands.  They are accountable only to you.  They owe me nothing.  Lord, I ask for each of them what I ask for myself, that they be successful in their work and find favor with their employer.  I also pray we are all drawn into deeper relationship with you. In Jesus name, Amen.