Friday, September 26, 2014


I think Jesus wants me to take the fish sticker off my car.

I do not drive like Jesus would and I don’t think He wants my fellow road warriors to think my driving has anything to do with Him.

Jesus would not be in the rush that I’m always in. No time to let you cut in this morning. This jet is on the all important mission of getting me to work less than five minutes late.

I’m quite sure there would be no dashboard conversations with Him behind the wheel. You know the ones that go, “Really?” or “Oh. Come. On.” and “You can’t squeeze forward two feet so I can get through?!”

Can you imagine Jesus honking his horn because you cut Him off in traffic? I can usually congratulate myself for resisting that urge, but there have been times….

I’m finally seeing the reason I need to allow for margin in my life. Yes, it’s less frustrating when I have time to deal with unexpected delays, but that has never motivated me to make the change. Now God is showing me that the lack of margin isn’t just adding to my stress level. It is stealing from my spiritual life, taking me away from His presence. It even leads me into temptation. I am tempted toward anger and complaint when I’m in a hurry.

If nothing comes to me but from heaven (John 3:27), aren’t I just filing that complaint with God? That is one conversation I do not want to have with Him. I don't want to push God away with a complaining attitude. I want to draw near to Him.

I want to be the kind of driver that makes Jesus glad I still have that fish sticker.

Prayer: Lord, my daily habit of rush-rush-rush keeps me from your presence. Help me realize when my attitude is driving your sweet spirit away. Help me seek your presence in every moment of every day. Lord, teach me to build margin into my every life’s breath, so I can breathe your Spirit and walk in your ways. Amen.

Are you challenged by not having enough margin in your life? Everyone has points of stress in their day but if you are stressed by your daily routine, you may be “margin challenged” like me.

For more on finding margin in your life, check out Dr. Richard Swenson’s book, Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives

Do you have any pointers to share? What helps you deal with the stress points in your life?

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