Sunday, January 29, 2012

Too Small to Forgive?

Rebel without a…Helmet
Thursday, October 13, 2011
2:54 PM

Lord, help me forgive the girl on the trail last night, who must have thought I said "move to the left" when I said, "passing on the left." She apparently couldn't hear me with a cell phone plugged into her head.  We came dangerously close to a full on collision with both of us crowding off to the left side of the trail in the same instant.  Lord, Thank you for the buffering angel wings that kept us from a major collision.   I so would have been regretting my no-helmet ride.  I guess I am just a rebel without a...helmet!  What is the reason for that?  I grew up riding bikes without a helmet and don't really see the need—but you'd think a close call like that would give me pause.  And yet I sit here and think—nah.   Do I need to re-think that decision?  I've been riding bikes for over 40 years without a head injury…sounds pretty cocky.  Do I really want to tempt fate?  As a Christian, do I believe in fate?  Or is it that I am making excessive demands on my guardian angel by not wearing a helmet!?  I read a story in the news today where a little guy had his head accidentally run over by a pick-up truck.  He's fine thanks to his…Bike Helmet.  Now. That. Makes. Me. Think.

So Lord, after that little mini-rant and helmet decision tree , I am hearing my annoyance (low level anger) and especially my judgment of this maybe 20 yr old girl.  I think I am judging so harshly because I am fearful of the potential consequences in her lack of attention.  Lord, I know she was truly sorry just from the expression on her face when I passed by.  (The picture in my head is one of passing "through" her - it was that close!) 

Lord, I am offended because her inattention nearly caused me bodily harm.  My hope was that she would know the "rules of the road" and automatically stay on the right.  My hope was that she would be paying attention (not on the phone) so she would hear what I said. 

Father, forgive ME for judging her for her lack of wisdom.  I do choose right now, today, to forgive her and I trust you to complete the supernatural work of forgiveness in me.

Father, I pray for my fellow trail blazer, that she will be safe on the trail in the future.

Who offended:
Fellow Trail blazer
Thinking this is too small an issue to need to forgive?
Fear for the bodily harm she almost caused.

My response:
I judged her for not knowing the correct response to being passed. 
I judged her for using a cell phone on the trail and not paying attention.
Thinking I don't need to forgive since she was in the wrong.
My Heart/Desire:
- She would follow the "rules of the road" and stay on the right so I could pass safely on the left.
 - She would pay attention to her surroundings and not be distracted with a cell phone.
Thank You Lord that you protected us both from a painful crash!
Choose to Forgive:
I do choose to forgive, right now, Lord.  I trust you  to complete the supernatural work of forgiveness in me. 
Forgive Me: 
Lord, forgive me for my response of judgment against this young woman. 
Lord, I release her and her lack of wisdom to you.  I ask for wisdom for her future walks on the trail.  And I take this opportunity of crossing paths with her to pray for her eternal life: that she will know you and love you and we will cross paths again (safely)  in heaven!  Amen

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