Sunday, January 29, 2012

MRI Technicalities

MRI Technicalities
Saturday, January 21, 2012
3:01 PM

Who offended / What they did:
Last month I was scheduled for an MRI.  The technician failed to make me feel safe.  He didn't provide details before starting. He didn't ask if I had claustrophobia. Best case: The equipment he was responsible for failed and he didn't hear me trying to communicate for several minutes.  Worst case: He was ignoring me or left me unattended. 
Affected Feelings:
I felt abandoned, afraid and began to panic.   
My Response:
I was angry at him.  I must still be angry since I am still judging him and condemning him when I speak of him.  I have judged him as insensitive and not good at his job.  He should be aware of the high percentage of people who struggle with being enclosed in an MRI…according to the internet 20-25% of people are unable to complete the MRI due to claustrophobia. 
My Heart/Desire:
To have felt safe enough to complete the MRI.
ROADBLOCKS to forgiveness:
The idea that by forgiving him I have to go back and trust him to do this again.  NOT true.  There are many options available to me.
I can be thankful that I do have other options for the MRI.  There are other facilities and I can request an open MRI so it will be less claustrophobic.  I am Very Thankful he did finally hear me and I didn't have to wait the full 45 minutes of the scan for him to come back. 
Choose to Forgive:
Father, I do choose to forgive this technician.  In your word, you promise to complete the good work that you have begun in me. (Phil 1:6)  I trust you to do the supernatural work of forgiveness in my heart.  I cannot do this on my own.  Thank you Father for being God, for reigning in my heart.  I ask that you would heal my heart and restore my trust in the next technician. 
Forgive Me: 
Father, forgive me for holding onto my anger.  It was righteous anger for about 1 minute but almost immediately it became judgment.  I didn't even tell him that he had failed to hear me for at least 3-4 minutes.  I should have provided him that feedback.  I have held him in judgment now for nearly a month.  You are the only one who knows all there is to know and can judge without sin.  He is accountable only to you. 
I choose to not hold him accountable for my anxiety during the MRI.  I entrust him to you, Lord.  I trust that you will provide him with the revelation that he needs so he can provide the best care to his patients.  I ask every blessing for him.  I ask that you would grant him favor with his employer and help him be successful in his work.  Father, I pray that he will be drawn closer to you all the days of his life. 

Dear Reader:  I would love to hear from you.  Have you ever had someone else's actions cause you fear or anxiety?  Have you thought about forgiving them?  If you’ve already forgiven, what has helped you in that process?  I hope you will share your forgiveness journey via email or in the comments below.  Blessings.

***You can read more on this forgiveness journey at in my article, "Speak Truth" under the January 2012 archive.

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  1. I like your approach to forgiveness. The format is akin to a 10th step in a 12 Step program but is more detailed and, I think, more complete. Where is your book available? Is it in ebook format? Incidentally, I tried to have an MRI a couple of years ago, and it was the most terrifying event of my life. That is not an exaggeration and I'm 70 yrs old. I couldn't do it. Fortunately, the technician responded quickly and got me out of the machine. Wishing you much success with your book

  2. Richard - thank you. And thank you for sharing. I've heard from several people with a similar MRI experience to yours and mine. Instinct is very hard to overcome. It occurs to me I now need to forgive the designers of the MRI machine, as I am thinking they surely would have come up with something different if they had to climb inside one of those things :) (Ok. Now that I know my thoughts, Lord, I am choosing to forgive.)
    Richard - blessings!


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