Thursday, October 2, 2014

Let It Go Karen Cameron

Have you ever held an offense in your heart? I have.

I couldn’t let it go. Like a stamp with no glue, I forgave but it just wouldn’t stick. I stewed and grumbled and lost sleep over it. For weeks.

The offences returned each time I climbed into bed. First I counted all the blessings and sacrifices I'd made for her. Then I reviewed the list of how she'd disappointed and offended me.

One day an old memory flashed into my mind. A neighbor's sudden return home took both he and his wife by surprise. He found the contents of their trash can spread out on the kitchen table and his wife logging each item in a notebook.

I knew the LORD was showing me why I couldn’t forgive. Just like that mentally ill woman, I had been documenting garbage and reviewing offences. When I repented, the LORD set me free to forgive.

Now when I am tempted to hold on to unforgiveness, I remember that garbage being cataloged and thank the LORD that He remembers my sin no more (Isaiah 43:25) and forgives me (Mark 11:26).
Sometimes our closest friends are the hardest to forgive. Are you dealing with this right now? What helps you let go and forgive those who have hurt you? 

Karen Cameron lives in Omaha with the love of her life, Ron & their quirky dog, Max. Two grandchildren keep her life filled with love, laughter & time on her knees. Karen has written about the Christian/Jewish connection in a column called Faith of Our Fathers and began writing Biblical fiction several years ago. Karen would love to hear from you at

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