Saturday, November 16, 2013

Biting Back

His words hurt. 

I bite back. Hard.
He is wrong. By comparison, I am right–aren’t I?

He is deaf to my words. Nothing more to say.

Another day dawns and I hear the echo of his complaint: Condescending.  The accusation: Superior.

Yeah, but... 
“You agree then that you were wrong?”

Yeah, but he…

“Since you were wrong, do you need to ask forgiveness?”
What about him? He should apologize. 

“If you are offended, do you need to forgive?”
Well, yes. His words did hurt. Okay, Lord. I do choose to forgive. I would like his words to be kind and respectful. Oh
I was not. Not kind. Not respectful.
Dear God, please forgive me for not treating him with respect. Help me always to be kind.  Help me never to judge.  
Later I ask, “Please forgive me. I was wrong.”
Matter of fact, he explains. 
I understand a little more. 
Not in agreement.   
But not as far apart as feared. 
I smile. Restored.

Our 'we" lives to talk again.

Have you ever been provoked and lost control?  Were you able to mend fences afterward?  I would love to hear your story in the comments below.


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